Who doesn’t enjoy learning new and helpful tips on how to save time or do something more effectively? Known as clever solutions to tricky problems, “hacks” have become increasingly popular lately, especially with the use of social media. Although it can be very useful to learn how to untangle the mess of wires behind your office desk using binder clips, I am going to share something more relevant to my expertise- driving tips that can help you with your daily commute. Here are Amin Driving School’s top 6 driving hacks.


#1 | On a street with a lot of traffic lights, drive exactly the speed limit to increase your chances of hitting green lights.

Most cities have it rigged that a car going the speed limit will cruise through stoplights, unhindered.


#2 | Never use cruise control in the rain

If your tires lose contact with the road your car will automatically speed up. This could lead to hydroplaning, when the tire encounters more water than it can scatter.

#3 | Can’t remember which side the gas tank is on?

Check the fuel gauge, most cars have an arrow that points to which side the gas tank is on.

#4 | Adjust your mirrors to avoid blind spots

Despite common belief, when adjusting your side view mirrors you should not see your own car. The mirrors should slightly overlap the field of view from the rear view mirror.

#5 | Accident on the highway?

When an accident on the highway backs up traffic, pay attention to what lane the 18-wheelers are in. Truckers usually communicate and let each other know which lane the wreck is in.

#6 | Pay attention to “where” highway signs are placed…

Which side the exit number is on will indicate whether the exit is on the left or right.

If you’re interested in learning more driving tips, contact us at our office anytime (201) 659-2224 or email us at amindrivingschool@gmail.com.