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About Amin Driving School (ADS)

Amin Driving School (ADS) has been owned by Mr. Jose Amendano since 2011. A graduate of New Jersey City University with his Bachelor’s in finance and an MBA in management and leadership, Jose Amendano has positioned his driving school to serve the greater Northern New Jersey area with the best driving instruction available. Jose has been a state certified driving instructor for over 11 years, and additionally, he has successfully completed the Defensive Driving Teaching Techniques course at New Jersey City University.

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Amin Driving School (ADS) caters to teen and immigrant drivers…

Immigrating to the Northern New Jersey area from Ecuador, Jose always saw the importance of having a driver’s license. Being given a license granted the ability to commute more freely and ultimately become more independent. As a true servant of his community, he holds the responsibility of helping others achieve that privilege of getting their NJ drivers license at the core of the Amin Driving School (ADS) philosophy.

The ADS Team

Jose holds his team of professional driving instructors to the highest standard, ensuring that each and every student is given a safe and welcoming environment to learn and succeed in. For Jose and Amin Driving School (ADS), it is of the utmost importance that the ADS team builds deep-seated roots in the communities by building better and safer drivers.

You’re only given one “first time” driving experience, and at Amin Driving School we ensure that the experience is handled with the proper care and attention it demands. The entire team at Amin Driving School (ADS) is committed to providing the best driving instruction possible, and welcome any questions you may need answered to get started!

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Drive Safer Certified™

AMIN Driving School is proud to say that it is a Drive Safer Certified™ Driving School.

When choosing a driving school for your family, it is critical to select the correct school.  Not all schools are the same and may not invest in the ongoing training and development of their staff, providing a thorough curriculum and having properly maintained equipment.

The Drive Safer Certified™ Driving School program is a game changer for Driving Schools and for students.  Participating driving schools are sending a clear message – “We are worth every cent you are going to pay to teach your family member to drive safer!”

In order to become “certified” each and every one of the driving school instructors must take the Drive Safer course. These hand-selected driving schools invest in a significant amount of additional training for their instructors in defensive driving and advanced car control techniques, enhancing and further honing the skills of its driving instructors, and setting them apart from others.

Every Drive Safer Certified™ School receives a “Drive Safer Certified™” sticker to display in the window of each of their training vehicles.  This sticker identifies the school as a school that cares, has invested time in enhancing the skills of their instructors and is committed to excellent driver education.

For more information about Drive Safer programs, please visit www.DriveSafer.com.